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I came across this butcher through Facebook. They have loads of deals. Opening times for the factory shops at Penicuik are Wednesday to Saturday 9am – 3.30pm They attend markets(see on there website or go on Facebook page to see where they are for updated information.) so have been at them a few times through at Errol as well.  They have a Christmas hamper club too i myself have not used this service but have heard very good things about it, like you can pay it up and stuff is a lot cheaper than Christmas hampers from the likes of catalogues.

My experiences with this butchers is great we regularly go and buy meat out their factory shop.  I mostly go for the chicken deal they have on which is 5KG of chicken fillets for £25, you get about 27 fillets in the pack today i got 24 but the fillets but they were big!!

I also bought 5 sirloin steaks for £10, I got 17 sausages in the pack (they make their own on the premises) for £5, 1KG of Steak Mince for £5 and a stick of Lorne Sausage for £3 (13 slices) great deal if you ask me all for £48.

Update: Have to say we have had some of the mince and the sausage these are the best we have tasted in a while as well as knowing the chicken is great product too, so glad to have found this butchers and don’t think I could go back to eating supermarket meat.butcher meat 1


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