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Monkey World – Dorset


I started watching a programme on TV called Monkey Life about a year ago, on channels Sky 1 and Pick. After so many episodes we watched, we decided that we were gonna make the big journey to Dorset from Edinburgh.

At first it was only a thought then i started looking into places to stay how many miles it would be and so on then it become real. We booked a caravan at Sandford in Poole (ParkDean Holidays) just 20 minute drive from monkey world itself. We then decided we wanted to take donations down for the monkeys as monkey world is not a registered charity. You can read why if you go onto Monkey Worlds website in Frequently asked questions section.

So they rely on lots of donations so i figured little and often would be best way to buy. I started buying dog rope toys then it went onto hartleys  jelly sachets (sugar free). Then bit by bit we had a car load of donations for the monkeys, by this point i was so excited and still had a couple of months to go.  (this is only some of the donations we took down with us)

So when the time come we to do the trip from Edinburgh to Dorset (474 miles) not to mention the stop over in Stoke-On-Trent… (included in another post about our whole holiday). We come to Monkey World on the Tuesday morning, the sun was shining and it was 10:30 am when we arrived,  the park was only open half an hour by the time we got there and there was already a que forming. When we got to the entrance we told them we had donations they asked if a wheel barrow would be big enough, i laughed and said no so they got a golf cart thing to take the donations, (the car was full). after the donations were handed over we were ready to explore the park. I was so excited to get in and have a look about.chimpanzees

The park is very big with lots of different types of primates, woolly monkeys, orangutans, chimpanzees, marmosets, lemurs, gibbons and Capuchin this is only a selected few of the primates at the park.


There was a lot of staff and they were always busy and very helpful. They were feeding the primates, fixing the enclosures, cleaning them out, giving talks about the animals at the park it was good to see such organisation within the park with the staff. The park was clean and well looked after i could have spent the whole day in there but sadly we only had a week to explore the area!  We opted to take our lunch with us as there was lots of places for taking a picnic, there is a few cafes dotted around in the park. lots of toilets located around the park which is always a bonus when its such a large area. I couldn’t make my mind up on which primate i like the best so i was snap happy with my Sony Bridge Camera.gibbons collage

There were a few animals that were wild (deer) as well that come into the park and the Capuchin were not happy at all with this.DSC00365

We also learned about how some of these primates were cared for or rather not cared for before they come to monkey world (on tv series) and there is in the park to this day a crate the Capuchin’s were kept in for animal testing. (picture below).DSC00397

They have a very big gift shop which we got some gifts for our family and friends. Prices are reasonable and the shop is very well stocked.wooly monkeys



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